Obedience leads to Life

Happy Easter! Jesus Christ conquered Death by his death and resurrection. Easter is such a momentous event to which the entire Creation has been pointing to since the Fall [1]. Since then, the direction of motion of the Universe is towards the fulfillment of the Kingdom of Heaven. In all these, thanks be to God’s Wisdom, […]

Holy Thursday

Today we celebrate an historical event when God the Son Incarnate Jesus Christ created the Eucharist. When God said, “Do this …” there was the first Mass. From that point on, Christ is to be present sacramentally through the visible signs of the Bread and Wine. It is the New Creation. Interestingly, our consecrated priests […]

QP: Gospel of the Day

Today is a busy day. But a moment to glimpse the way Christ — the Lord — views the world and a quick immersion on the life of Christ will help us, with grace, to be like him more and more. Quick Post. No pics. Today is Tuesday of the 4th week of Lent. Jesus […]

Man, man and woman

The distinction of a man from a woman has many implications scientifically. The biological basis for sexuality in human organism is so basic that all boils down to the presence or absence of the so-called sex-determining region Y (SRY) protein in one’s DNA. But there’s much more, especially when one wishes to be serious with […]

The Chair of Peter

Roman Catholics celebrate the Feast of the Chair of St. Peter every 22 February. The celebration marks a day in the year for a more unified prayer for the unity of all Christians at the head of the Seat of Peter. The Seat of Peter (Office of Peter, Cathedra of Petros, Chair of Peter) is the […]

Science and Religion

It is often said the religion is against science [see article sections in wikipedia]. Dr. Dawkins, a very prominent atheist (once dubbed the “pope” of atheism in America, pitted against Mr. Hitchens) is quoted[1]: “… [N]ot only is science corrosive to religion; religion is corrosive to science ….” But in a book by Dr. Thomas E. Woods, […]

Mysteries of Hope and the Queen of Heaven

What about the Mysteries of Hope on the Rosary? The Creation — A meditation on Divine Providence through the Natural Laws as part of the Divine Law The Fall and the Promise of a Savior — The proto-evangelium, the Love of God though hindered by sin cannot be stopped, eventually sin in its source (head) […]