Mysteries of Hope and the Queen of Heaven

Book cover of "Hail, Holy Queen" by Dr. Hahn.
Book of Dr. Scott Hahn “Hail, Holy Queen”. A thesis exposition on the Biblical basis for the queenship of the Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of Christ.

What about the Mysteries of Hope on the Rosary?

  1. The Creation — A meditation on Divine Providence through the Natural Laws as part of the Divine Law
  2. The Fall and the Promise of a Savior — The proto-evangelium, the Love of God though hindered by sin cannot be stopped, eventually sin in its source (head) will be crushed (effects may still be there until the Last Day).
  3. Giving of the Laws through Moses — The Ten Commandments as a sure guide to Christian with the Two Commandments as the underlying principles, the laying down of a great Highway to God’s Kingdom.
  4. Promise of Kingdom of Heaven on Earth through King David — The prototype of the Kingdom to come as we pray in the Our Father, “Thy Kingdom come” and actualized by “Thy Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.” Dr. Scott Hahnn has a very convincing book on the role of the Mother Queen in this Kingdom.
  5. The Immaculate Conception and Birth of Our Lady — Fruition of all Promises through the birth of the Virgin Mary. Her birthday is, we celebrate tomorrow, 08 September. She continuously intercedes for all her children in the proto-Kingdom the Church.

The Mystery culminates in the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. It is centered at the great highway of our Pilgrimage to the Promised Land (Heaven).


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