QP: Gospel of the Day

Today is a busy day. But a moment to glimpse the way Christ — the Lord — views the world and a quick immersion on the life of Christ will help us, with grace, to be like him more and more. Quick Post. No pics.

Today is Tuesday of the 4th week of Lent.

Jesus went through Jerusalem and found a crippled man for 38 years. He miraculously healed him by simply saying “rise up and walk.” The man walked and he is healed. Later, Jesus said, “see you are well, sin no more.” Meanwhile, the OT reading is about Ezekiel the Prophet who was given a vision of the world with the temple in its midst. The temple provides “waters” that gives healing and food to the world. It also refreshes the salty sea.

The OT points to Jesus as the temple in the midst of the world. He gives healing and food. He lives in us (He is Immanuel). He give mercy and forgiveness in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. He gives food in the Eucharist during the Mass. The thousand cubits are like time that makes this water become like rivers teeming with good things for the world. I see men and women as waters that have been sent to the world.

There are many people around us that are essentially crippled in their Faith. Let’s help them get to the waters of Bethesda that they may be cleansed and they will have good life besides a fresh stream of water.


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