Holy Thursday

Today we celebrate an historical event when God the Son Incarnate Jesus Christ created the Eucharist. When God said, “Do this …” there was the first Mass. From that point on, Christ is to be present sacramentally through the visible signs of the Bread and Wine. It is the New Creation.

Interestingly, our consecrated priests offer the same sacramental Sacrifice that the Lord commanded us on Sundays, the eight day of the week. Eight is a numerical sign of perfection (8 is like $\infty$) and culmination of the week after the Rest Day.

Sunday is also the first day, hence a new beginning marking the cycle of new chances to be closer to God again. On Sundays we recall our baptismal promises and participate in that Banquet of Love, the Supper of the Lamb.

Indeed, the world is created through Him, with Him and in Him, for Him and with Man.


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